Water Holder offers water for sale in Victoria

By Country News on February 13, 2018

The Victorian Environmental Water Holder intends to sell up to 15 Gl of its water allocation in the northern Victorian water market.

The water will be made available through selected brokers from February to June.

Water Holder chairperson, Denis Flett said all priority environmental watering targets in northern Victoria will be achieved this year and some of the allocation of water for the environment will be saved for next year.

"This water will be carried over to help keep regional rivers healthy and to boost plant and animal populations early in the new water season,'' Mr Flett said.

Having provided for priority watering objectives, Mr Flett said the decision to sell has been made.

“We’ve had a few watering events at Barmah Forest and Lindsay Island where we needed less allocation than planned, and we’ve decided to make some of that unused water available for sale.

“Before deciding to sell we’ve considered current and forecast conditions and have provided for our largest demands next spring. Our ability to provide for future environmental flows will help keep rivers and wetlands healthy for this year and beyond,” Mr Flett said.

“We have also assessed conditions in the water market to ensure that our trading won’t have any significant adverse impacts on other market participants and we will monitor trading conditions throughout our trading period,'' Mr Flett said.



By Country News on February 13, 2018

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