Bucky has only one bad habit

By Country News on November 15, 2017
  • Bucky has only one bad habit

    Bucky, a Border Collie, taught himself the craft of working sheep.

  • Bucky has only one bad habit

    Mick Traczyk and Bucky.

  • Bucky has only one bad habit

    Bucky works well in the yard and the paddock but he has a habit of chewing up the carpet inside the house, which meets with disapproval from his owner.

How long have you had Bucky?

I bred him and have had him on and off since he was born. A mate had him and gave him back when he sold his farm.

What’s his personality like?

He’s very friendly, he’s faithful and loyal and he’s a keen worker. He will work for anyone.

How is Bucky’s working ability?

He mostly taught himself. He’s had no real training. He’s good for the yard but he hangs off them (the sheep) a bit in the paddock. He knows ‘go back’ and ‘push up’ and ‘get over’ and ‘get under’.

How does he get on with other animals?

He’s very good. He’s a very social animal. He will cuddle up with the cats.

He hates snakes. When he sees them he’ll point and won’t go near them. He loathes them.

Does he have any bad habits?

A bad habit is eating/chewing the carpet. I don’t know if he was after the white ants but I found white ants after he chewed it up.

Where does he sleep?

He sleeps inside.

On a hot summer’s night he will sleep on the lawn.

What do you feed him?

An assortment of hearts and livers and working dog Cobber dry food.

Has he had any injuries?

He’s been to the vet. He had an ear infection (once) and got treated for mites (another time).

What would you do without him?

I’d have to get another one, I’d be lost.

Words and pictures: Rodney Woods

By Country News on November 15, 2017

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