Alpaca makes dog redundant

By Country News on August 16, 2017
  • Alpaca makes dog redundant

    Fyfe was a little scared of the camera but his biggest fear is Al after he lost his job to him.

  • Alpaca makes dog redundant

    Guarding his turf...Al the Alpaca has replaced Fyfe as the sheep and lamb bodyguard.

  • Alpaca makes dog redundant

    Joe and Varie White, of Merrigum, with their kelpie Fyfe and alpaca Al.

How did Fyfe get his name?

Joe: He’s named after Fyfe the footballer (Fremantle Dockers AFL player Nathan Fyfe).

How long have you had him?

Joe: We got him as a pup at about eight weeks old.

What’s his personality like?

Joe: He’s very playful, loves being patted and brushed and pampered.

Varie: He’s good with all the grandkids.

What’s the biggest story of Fyfe’s career?

Joe: He has been put out of a job — that’s the big story. We got Al from Steve from Merrigum as Fyfe kept on losing lambs. We haven’t lost one since. Al nearly killed him once and now he’s (Fyfe) is scared of him. If Fyfe gets too close to the fence, Al will prick his ears back and start hissing.

What was Fyfe’s sheep work like?

Joe: He was a really good sheepdog. When we have sheep in the yard and we are drafting and when Al’s outside hissing that’s the only time he works the sheep. He hasn’t worked out that he has to stay behind the cattle. That’s why he’s good with sheep as he will cast and cut them off.

Varie: Pity he doesn’t work the cows better. That’s why he’s just better than nothing in the dairy.

Does he have any other stories?

Joe: He injures himself by running into gates and he’s a bit frightened of going through fences because he has been electrocuted a few times.

A 10000 litre tank burst and washed the kennel away, which Fyfe was attached to once. It washed him right across the track.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods

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By Country News on August 16, 2017

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