Animals keep it interesting

By Country News on July 19, 2017
  • Animals keep it interesting

    Dolly (right) who s actually a boy, is the boss while Border Collie Boots just follows along.

  • Animals keep it interesting

    The McInnes family's pet pig heads off to meet her new boyfriend.

  • Animals keep it interesting

    Jessie and Rosie with Indi and Ava McInnes and their friend Jordy Spittal.

  • Animals keep it interesting

    Red is the youngest dog of the bunch.

  • Animals keep it interesting

    Indi McInnes with her two puppies Jessie and Rosie.

Tell me all about these dogs.

Wally: The two Australian Silkie Terriers are Jessie and Rosie, Boots is the Border Collie and Dolly and Red are the Kelpies.

Why do you have Silkie Terriers?

Wally: I grew up with Silkie Terriers and I wanted to get one for the kids. The lady who I got them off actually had two sisters for sale, so we ended up with both of them. Rosie is the cuddly one and she will sit on your knee all day while Jessie would spend her whole day outside foxing if I let her.

The usually end up filthy and I have to wash them most nights. They just know they have to have a wash and they walk straight into the shower with their heads down, resigned to the fact. I just give them a quick wash with normal shampoo and then they spend the night cuddling on the couch with us.

What about the actual farm dogs, what are they like?

Well, they are meant to be working dogs but none of them work very hard. They all come to get the cows up including Jessie and Rosie but once that’s done they just lay around the dairy waiting for milking to finish. I can get them to bark at the cows but I have to give them Schmackos to do that. They are not very disciplined at all.

Kelpie or Border Collie — who is the best worker?

Dolly and Red are very much hit and miss and poor Boots couldn’t work to save himself. I think he must have been dropped on his head when he was pup because all he does is run into things and he has knocked me over a few times as he has come racing past me.

Ava: He fell off the motorbike when he was a pup and broke his leg and he had to have plaster and it got all stinky.

Why do you have a calf running around the yard as well?

Ben: She was born out of season so she has become another one of Wally’s pets. It wouldn’t eat with the other calves and it just roams around the place following the pig. Last time we separated it from the pig it had a meltdown and wouldn’t eat, so I don’t know what will happen this time. It’s just crazy with all the animals around here.

Words and pictures: Sophie Baldwin

By Country News on July 19, 2017

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